If you’re a business owner and are looking for ways to improve your bottom line, maybe you’ll want to think about accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment from your clients and customers. Cryptocurrencies are getting recognized more and more as a legal form of payment, and are something that should definitely be considered if you want to stay up-to-date with new technology and new forms of payment that have the potential to increase your bottom line profits.

So what are the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in your business?


One of the reasons why cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular with businesses is that cryptocurrencies have lower transaction fees. Unlike credit card and debit card payments which would usually charge about 3-5% for each purchase, cryptocurrencies offer lower fees that reach maximum of about 1% of the purchase price.


Because all sales done with cryptocurrencies are final, as cryptocurrencies act basically as cash, there are zero chargebacks. Chargeback rates under 1% are typical, but even rates this low can significantly increase your rates when dealing with credit card companies. Accepting cryptocurrencies means one less thing to worry about.


Due to the quick development of new technology, more and more people are using digital or mobile wallets, and since paying through those services is quicker, easier, and safer, people are increasingly gravitating to this new forms of payment. By accepting cryptocurrencies, you’ll be attracting more new-generation customers that are slowly taking over the market.


Using a credit card to purchase something is the preferred method of payment for many people because you don’t have to bother with the amount of cash you have in your wallet. However, every time we purchase something, we’re revealing personal information that can be hacked by cyber thieves. With cryptocurrencies, there is no customer information to steal which makes both you, a business owner, and your customers less susceptible to fraud.


Many businesses limit themselves to their native country because the costs of doing business in multiple currencies is restrictive. However, cryptocurrencies do not know these barriers because cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and LiteCoin offer fast transaction and are easily converted into the local money.

Obviously, there are many benefits to using cryptocurrencies in your business, but there is also one major risk if you decide to accept this form of payment. Cryptocurrencies have a tendency to have volatile price fluctuation. In other words, the price of various currencies (such as Bitcoin or LiteCoin) can change significantly from one day to another. However, potential losses can be prevented by using various programs or apps that will calculate the price of the coin at the time you accepted the payment and convert it into your local currency right away, depositing it into your local business bank account. So basically, even this volatility doesn’t have to present a problem if you approach working with cryptocurrencies with the right means and knowledge.

How to Make Instagram Stories like A Pro

Catching glimpses of someone’s life is very much possible nowadays. And it does not matter whether you are friends or not. Not even the distance between you matters! As long as you follow that person on Instagram or they follow you, then you can see these glimpses of their life.

They are famously referred to as Instagram stories.

But what are Instagram stories, in detail, and how can you make yours like a pro? Well, wonder no more because we have got your back.

Meaning of Instagram Stories  

These are stories, in form of pictures and videos that one can share on their Instagram account for their followers to see. As long as you follow someone, you are able to see the glimpses of their lives that they share. These stories only last for a day and are just a few seconds long.

How to Make Your Story Like A Pro

It all lies in the editing and the quality of the pictures or videos you want to share. For starters, you can share a picture or video that is already in your gallery or you can take one through the Apps’ camera. The Live option allows you to broadcast live. Normal option is for capturing normal pictures and videos if you hold down the capture button.


With the Superzoom option, you can record a video and even zoom up-close with sound effects. Boomerang option allows you to capture 3-seconds long looping GIFs while Stop Motion option puts together different still images into one video. To film a video in reverse, the Rewind Lens will work.


On the upper-right corner, there is a smiling sticker icon. Use this to get stickers that can jazz up your pictures and videos. You can change the position and size of the stickers. Do not forget to customize it with Hashtags, location, selfie stickers, and poll. The pen icon allows you to add texts and even symbols in various colors and font sizes. A background color can also be added, giving you an option to pick one that resonates with your story.


Keep your Instagram stories posts captivating and engaging for your followers with the above effects. Do not shy away from exploring all these options because they are the secret to great Instagram stories.