If you’re a business owner and are looking for ways to improve your bottom line, maybe you’ll want to think about accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment from your clients and customers. Cryptocurrencies are getting recognized more and more as a legal form of payment, and are something that should definitely be considered if you want to stay up-to-date with new technology and new forms of payment that have the potential to increase your bottom line profits.

So what are the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in your business?


One of the reasons why cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular with businesses is that cryptocurrencies have lower transaction fees. Unlike credit card and debit card payments which would usually charge about 3-5% for each purchase, cryptocurrencies offer lower fees that reach maximum of about 1% of the purchase price.


Because all sales done with cryptocurrencies are final, as cryptocurrencies act basically as cash, there are zero chargebacks. Chargeback rates under 1% are typical, but even rates this low can significantly increase your rates when dealing with credit card companies. Accepting cryptocurrencies means one less thing to worry about.


Due to the quick development of new technology, more and more people are using digital or mobile wallets, and since paying through those services is quicker, easier, and safer, people are increasingly gravitating to this new forms of payment. By accepting cryptocurrencies, you’ll be attracting more new-generation customers that are slowly taking over the market.


Using a credit card to purchase something is the preferred method of payment for many people because you don’t have to bother with the amount of cash you have in your wallet. However, every time we purchase something, we’re revealing personal information that can be hacked by cyber thieves. With cryptocurrencies, there is no customer information to steal which makes both you, a business owner, and your customers less susceptible to fraud.


Many businesses limit themselves to their native country because the costs of doing business in multiple currencies is restrictive. However, cryptocurrencies do not know these barriers because cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and LiteCoin offer fast transaction and are easily converted into the local money.

Obviously, there are many benefits to using cryptocurrencies in your business, but there is also one major risk if you decide to accept this form of payment. Cryptocurrencies have a tendency to have volatile price fluctuation. In other words, the price of various currencies (such as Bitcoin or LiteCoin) can change significantly from one day to another. However, potential losses can be prevented by using various programs or apps that will calculate the price of the coin at the time you accepted the payment and convert it into your local currency right away, depositing it into your local business bank account. So basically, even this volatility doesn’t have to present a problem if you approach working with cryptocurrencies with the right means and knowledge.

How to Make Instagram Stories like A Pro

Catching glimpses of someone’s life is very much possible nowadays. And it does not matter whether you are friends or not. Not even the distance between you matters! As long as you follow that person on Instagram or they follow you, then you can see these glimpses of their life.

They are famously referred to as Instagram stories.

But what are Instagram stories, in detail, and how can you make yours like a pro? Well, wonder no more because we have got your back.

Meaning of Instagram Stories  

These are stories, in form of pictures and videos that one can share on their Instagram account for their followers to see. As long as you follow someone, you are able to see the glimpses of their lives that they share. These stories only last for a day and are just a few seconds long.

How to Make Your Story Like A Pro

It all lies in the editing and the quality of the pictures or videos you want to share. For starters, you can share a picture or video that is already in your gallery or you can take one through the Apps’ camera. The Live option allows you to broadcast live. Normal option is for capturing normal pictures and videos if you hold down the capture button.


With the Superzoom option, you can record a video and even zoom up-close with sound effects. Boomerang option allows you to capture 3-seconds long looping GIFs while Stop Motion option puts together different still images into one video. To film a video in reverse, the Rewind Lens will work.


On the upper-right corner, there is a smiling sticker icon. Use this to get stickers that can jazz up your pictures and videos. You can change the position and size of the stickers. Do not forget to customize it with Hashtags, location, selfie stickers, and poll. The pen icon allows you to add texts and even symbols in various colors and font sizes. A background color can also be added, giving you an option to pick one that resonates with your story.


Keep your Instagram stories posts captivating and engaging for your followers with the above effects. Do not shy away from exploring all these options because they are the secret to great Instagram stories.    



The competition among restaurants is pretty tough, and you’ll need to work hard if you want to be successful. Any restaurant has the possibility to succeed, but few restaurant owners truly know what they need to do to make their business successful. Here are 10 marketing ideas that will help you improve your business and get attention from more and more customers!


There are certain things you will need to spend your money on to make your business stand out in the world of marketing. These are: branding, website, social media, advertising, content, and events. So have these in mind when calculating your budget.


Every business needs a marketing strategy, and restaurants are no exception. In marketing your restaurant, you will acquaint yourself with your competition, your target customer, brand-building techniques and advertising opportunities.


Every restaurant attracts a certain group of people, depending on their offer, interior, drink list, etc. Before starting with your marketing plan, you need to get to know your target customers. Research things such as the needs of your customers, their motivation for eating out, etc.


Social media marketing strategies are definitely a force in today’s world. The restaurants with a strong social presence usually fare better than those that focus only on more traditional marketing strategies. So make sure you create a Facebook page, a Twitter, and an Instagram account, and keep up with activity happening on your social sites. If you are on a restraint budget, you can always get help from automated account manager that will help with your engagement and grow your following.


Make sure all your websites and social media sites are professionally designed and appealing to the eye. But you’ll also want to pay the same amount of attention to the interior of your restaurant, the design of your menus, etc. Humans are visual creatures and are wired to respond to your visual marketing.


Developing your restaurant’s brand identity is extremely important in its marketing. Your aim is to build a distinctive identity around your target customers. Think about what makes you different (maybe you offer something that other restaurants in your vicinity don’t), and use that to your advantage.


Providing promotional offers and happy hours, as well as coupons and discounts for your restaurant, is a sure way to bring new customers running. You can also try advertising your discounts through Living Social or Groupon, and get a ton of exposure in the process.


Make sure your restaurant is featured on all major websites people use for searching new restaurants and their menus. These include Citysearch, CitySquares, DexKnows, Facebook, Google My Business, Foursquare, MapQuest, TripAdvisor, Zomato, and other.


Because you want your website to be visible in search engine results, hire someone who will build a search engine-friendly website for you.


Ask your employees to help share your pictures, write reviews, share news, etc. Set up a page on which customers can write their own reviews and help you attract more new guests.



Effective marketing and advertising are indispensable to the success of any new business, and if you’re starting a marijuana-related business, investing in your marketing this year is a particularly smart idea.


The nation’s most populous state, California, finally legalized marijuana this year, after two decades of waiting after the state first allowed marijuana for medical use. Weed is now legal for adults 21 and older, and individuals are allowed to grow up to six plants and possess one ounce of the drug tops. People are thrilled with the new recreational marijuana laws and if you’re one of the entrepreneurs thinking about starting a marijuana-related business (or have already started with one), you have to be aware that by just a little bit of marketing you can attract a lot of new customers that are already out there, keeping their eyes out for new offers.  



Dispensaries are, due to the fact that the possibility of running a pot business has only recently become an opportunity, still pretty scarce, but they are increasing with each passing day, so this is your time to strike – set the foundations of your business and be one of the first good ones. Because the legal pot business is still in development, you have numerous options when it comes to your marketing. All you need is a budget, a little bit of time, and a little bit of creativity.



Because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, laws regulating marijuana marketing can get tricky, which is one of the reasons why businesses shy away from investing in their marketing. Another issue is that marijuana users are still pretty stigmatized in the modern society (although the fact is there are many of them). But don’t let this stop you. Rather, consider it your advantage. Not many businesses do it, leaving a greater portion of the new customers to you. Take a more sophisticated approach to your marketing and be among the first ones who will reshape the public’s perception of marijuana and marijuana users.


Because you will be among the first marijuana-related businesses, you won’t have to spend as much on ads and marketing because you won’t have to try as hard as some of the future businesses to establish your place in the industry. This is exactly why it’s important to start investing in your marketing now and create a brand for yourself when the competition is still rather meek.  



When it comes to marketing your business, Internet marketing is a must. So be aggressive with organic search engine optimization methods. Organic SEO refers to the methods used to obtain a high ranking on a search engine results in unpaid, algorithm-driven results. These methods include boosting keywords, writing high-quality content, backlinking, etc. By using these methods, you can help spread the word about your business – organic SEO will make your site grow as a living organism, and it will adapt over time to your readers’ desires and needs, making it more attractive to new readers/future customers.


If you’re starting a business and are planning on creating a website that will help you promote it, there are a few things you should know. First off, in order to create a good website, you should understand what you want. That means you should know who your online customers will be, what they are interested in, and what they will expect from your website. Second, you should be aware that this process will take some time and money, and in order to make it really good, you should never cut corners. Third, be aware that your site will need constant attention and maintenance, and in order for it to be really successful, you will need a team of web designers. And last but not least, you get what you pay for – so you’ll want to treat your web team as professionals and pay them accordingly.

Now, after you have all of this in place, you can start thinking about the actual website. Below are a few guidelines that will help you do that.

To start a website, you need 9 of these things:

  1. Domain Name

It’s a first thing you will need. It’s your digital address that customers will use to get connected to your website. Prices will vary depending on the provider. Choose the one which will work best for you.

  1. Business Email Address

To build trust and gain credibility on the Internet, having a business email address is definitely among the most important things. When people see businesses using free email accounts for their business website, it makes them question their trustworthiness.

  1. Website Building Software

Depending on your skills level and what features you wish to have on your website, there is a variety of website builder software available on the Internet. Some of the more popular web builders include WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, and Wix.

  1. Website Hosting

A host is the storage unit where your website content is kept online. The type of hosting depends on the number of your visitors. The price of hosting will change accordingly.

  1. Website Template Design

A website template is a pre-made website design that will allow you to have a website that will look professional without you having to hire a website designer. If you’re starting your first website, this is an easier, quicker and more economical way to create your website design.

  1. Logo Design

Having a logo is a great way for you to create a brand for your website. You can either hire a graphic designer or use a logo generator and create your logo in a minute.

  1. High-Quality Images for Website

If you want your website to look professional, avoid using images of low quality or those you find on Google Images. You need unique and high-quality graphics.

  1. Image Editors

If you can’t afford to hire a good graphic designer, an image editor will be very useful – so you can crop, rotate or resize your images in a blink of an eye.

  1. Google Analytics

If you’re serious about your website and want to grow the number of your visitors, you need Google Analytics. It’s a tool that will help you understand how visitors are interacting with your website and what they visit the most. The data will help you understand what you need to fix in order to gain more popularity.

We can also do it for you =)



Marketing strategy is an important part of the marketing planning process, and because its main goal is to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, you want to do it right. A well-crafted strategic plan can help you identify the best opportunities, the tools your company can effectively use to fight competition, save your company’s time and money, serve as a foundation for your communication campaigns, and create consumer preference for the brand.

However, creating a successful marketing strategy can be a real challenge, especially for new entrepreneurs, as it can fail for many reasons. We have made a list of the things you will want to avoid if you want your marketing strategy to succeed.


Often times we make errors while interpreting customer feedback or data from surveys and focus groups. It’s our tendency to interpret the data in a way that coincides with what we believe the results should be. The main mistake in market research is not looking for other ways of viewing the data. So while doing market research, make sure you look for alternate ways of interpreting the information and consult your team or company when you analyze the data. Some of them might notice a flaw that you missed, and save you a lot of money and time in the long run.


While coming up with a marketing strategy, it’s important to do an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential competitors. This analysis will provide you with both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and strengths. So what you want to do first is find out who your competitors are. Then, gather information about them that you need for your analysis. After you’ve gathered all the important information, study it and ask yourself how you are going to compete with your competition and pay attention to what they are doing wrong. If you don’t do your competitor analysis smartly, you will end up with goods or services that won’t really sell, as there might already exist something better in the market.


People have a tendency while working on their marketing strategy, to focus only on one marketing channel for many reasons. Sometimes it seems impractical to manage all channels, and you’ll definitely need to prioritize resources on the channels which will give the best returns. But don’t let this turn into putting everything into one channel that seems the most prospective. Social media marketing may seem as the easiest channel through which to reach large audiences, but don’t forget there’s also display advertising, email marketing, and affiliate marketing, all of which can help you attract customers.  

So in a nutshell, if you don’t want your marketing strategy to fail, make sure you do your research, pay attention to what your competitors are doing, and cover and target all marketing aspects – pay special attention to SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and other popular means through which you can market your goods or services digitally.


Creating a website for your e-commerce nowadays is much easier than it used to be. You no longer have to make your site from the scratch, because there are quite a few website builders available on the market today that will have laid the foundations for you. In this article, we will present you with the three that are, in our opinion, the best ones out there. It’s on you, however, to try them out, and see which one works best for you.


Speaking of popularity, WordPress is by far the most popular one, which is the main reason why you’d want to use it for your e-commerce. However, it’s the hardest website builder to learn out of these three. But, when you do learn how to use it, you will realize that your possibilities and options are numerous. The cost of using WordPress is rather minimal, though it will increase as more traffic comes your way.  


Squarespace is not the most popular right now, but that’s only because it’s the newest of the three so it hasn’t taken off just yet – but it’s slowly gaining popularity. Squarespace, unlike WordPress and Shopify, offers no app store. This was actually done intentionally because the company wanted to give you all features you need in the backend. However, as you might gather, this can limit your flexibility and the ability to expand. As for the fee, Squarespace is a little bit more expensive, but it comes with great tools and amazing themes for all businesses.


Shopify is the best solution for those who’re looking to make an online shop and need pre-made e-commerce tools. The backend is very friendly and you’ll easily get the most basic elements of the shop configured. The builder will walk you through adding and importing products, customizing the design of the site and setting up your domain. If you’re a beginner, you have nothing to fear about with Shopify. Even if you need a feature that isn’t included with Shopify, you can choose from many third party plugins that integrate with the website builder. Maybe it is somewhat expensive, but considering the features you get, it’s worth it.


All these website builders are pretty great, but in order to find out which one works best for your business, first, you need to define your needs and goals. Since all of them have different user markets, make sure you know which one is yours before you jump into setting your new site up.

So, in a nutshell: If it’s important for you that your e-commerce page has an awesome template, Squarespace is the one for you. What’s great about it is that its backend is really simple to understand if you’re a web-design beginner. If you’re an intermediate user who wants to have many different tools and customization options at your hand, go for WordPress. Its main benefit is definitely the plugin library. However, if you want to make a great online shop, fast and quick, Shopify is the site to go.


Did you know that search result in number 1 position on Google gets 33% of search traffic? And on page 1 search engine results resulted in 92% of all traffic, but it’s dropping off by 95% for page 2?

We are going to share with you 5 essential tips to create SEO-friendly blog posts that would give you the key for a better ranking.

1) Choose high volume searched keywords

Google manage over 40,000 search queries a second. So you want to cut through search result mess and beat your competitors, you need to pick correctly your  keywords and phrases that your potential customers are searching. How you customer are going to find your content and website?

We advise you to go check on the social platforms your target audience frequents and see what’s trending. You can also check on Google Trends and see what topics are popular.

2) Naturally integrate keywords throughout your posts

After decided of your list of target keywords, it’s time to write a blog post focused on one of your keywords. With all your team brainstorms about different blog title ideas.

Keep your buyer personas, what you customer likes, their motivations during your research of topic. You should pick a subject that will emotionally resonate with your target customers and their needs.

3) Add some Links to influencers

While writing your blog post, don’t forget to add link to other websites or blog post. The fact that you are linking will show Google that you are doing your research on the subject that you are talking about but also giving your readers additional topics to read about.

The link will also create a backlink for the website and will be see by the search engine. With a little luck, maybe the website, writter or blogger you link will return the favor and might link your website too.

4) Don’t be scared to write longer posts

Even with a decrease of the attention time online from people, we recommended to write longer post. The longer your blog post, the more chance it has to appears on the search engine. Your blog post should be at least 300 words if not more. This length will gives search engines plenty of keywords and text to crawl and helps them understand what your blog is about.

5) Add also internal links

By linking to your other website page or blog post will help search engine to crawl in your website and create a better sitemap. It will also get your audience to discover more than you blog post and see what services/goods you offer/sell.

Internal links will also show your audience that you can be a credible source of informations and will get them curious about your company and what you offer. It will also keep them longer on your website, reduce your bounce rates and increase potentially your conversion.


To get your blog post to rank at the top of page one, your main focus should be to create content, that will be enjoyed by your customer and loved by the search engines.

When you are optimizing your blog post you have higher chance to be found by potential customer and so increase your conversion rates. And that’s exactly why you started a blog page right?


If we think we miss anything or have more questions, add a comment below. If you like it don’t forget to share it !

Unlock your dreams –  The French Keys


Every business person knows that your product and the time you put into itis absolutely useless if it doesn’t reach the people who need it. And that’s why it is very vital to choose the right advertising agency to ensure that to get the right kind of promotion and sales.

Here are a few important tips on choosing the right marketing agency.

  • Common values

Every marketing agency come with their own goals, philosophy and drive and it is very important to choose one whose values align with yours.They should reflect the same state of hard work, quality, customer satisfaction etcetera that you hold in high value.If you have different views and approach, there will always be dissatisfaction at the end of the day.

  • Reports from last customers

Evaluate the work they have done for other people before you go ahead to enlist them. Was the work favorable and successful? What was the public reaction to it? Did it boost sales? You can also talk to their customers to see how they work, what they charge and so on.

  • Make comparisons

Don’t focus on just one advertising agency at a time. Evaluate a number of them at the same time and get them to make pitches. In this way you can choose the company that gives you the best pitch.

  • Be open to New ideas

Sometimes you will find marketing agencies that have done better research into your target market and have better ideas than you do. Actually such a company is the best because they are not only proactive but they are hardworking and are knowledgeable. Do not always stick to your guns on how you want your product to be managed. Allow yourself to be shown better options and if they are convincing enough go for it.

  • Get the best deal

This point does not mean to should settle for less quality in order to cut cost. It means that before signing a contract, be sure that the marketing agency has all it takes to push your product forward. They should have the right connections with the media, good brand, be versatile, have the right manpower and resources etcetera. Whatever price they give you is not the final option. There should be negotiations that both parties will be comfortable about.

If you are just a small business starting out, you might have to do your own promotion yourself or find a freelance marketing agent. Whatever you do, just make sure your work is thorough and can not only get to your target audience but also elicit the right response.


Most businesses are confused on the difference between advertising and public relations and what functions they each play in boosting their market value, sales and brand. There’s even a small percentage of people who think advertising and publicity are one and the same. However, they are two hugely contrasting concepts that we are going to try and discuss together below.

When a company pays the media to showcase their product and services it is called advertising. It is simply referred to as paid media. Your product or service gets displayed in the paid portion of the newspaper, television or online blog. Publicity on the other hand can be referred to as warned media. This is what the public says about your product and services and it appears in the editorial section of a magazine, blog or newspaper. Usually it is the work of a third party and the public believes this more than the sponsored ads. This is probably because they feel like he reviewer’s opinion is not compromised based on any fee they might have collected from you.

There’s another way to look at this. Usually your business earns good publicity if your brand is strong, consistent and unique. Because a lot of people have realised the power of publicity, they now invest well in public relations management. Your public relations agency basically does the work of making your business newsworthy. They do this by generating publicity or by managing your public image. If there’s good news out there about you, they help to blow your trumpet. They get media houses to cover your events, activities and so on. They set up press conferences, interviews, and so on. They keep you buzzing in the media. The more people hear about you or your business, it makes you something of a household name that people want to identify with.

Your publicity agency also help to manage whatever bad press there is out there about you.For example if you are a cosmetics manufacturing company, and someone sues you for skin damage, it is your PR that will help to redeem your image by flooding the media with ideas of slander or they will help to tilt the light on the good reviews you have been receiving. Or they would set up a charity function where people will see your company giving out money to help the less privileged in the society.

Both advertising and public relations has it’s place in a business and thus they achieve specific functions.