We are French Fun and funky but also serious ladies who love making your brand shine.

The real question is not who are we? but what we can do for you.

Ideas makers/ problems solver we always come up with a digital solution.

When we say something, we do it, and we do it well.

Our Team

Lucie Colomb – Co-founder / SEO Specialist

Lucie Colomb is the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of The French Keys marketing agency. She hails from France, where she originally worked in banking and finance. An entrepreneur at heart, she has a knack for interpreting and acting upon advanced business situations. She is the owner of the L&B Consult consulting agency, which she founded in August 2015. A digital guru, she has served as the VP of a marketing and SEO company since 2013 as well.
Lucie is a recognized expert when it comes to start-ups, business development, and online marketing. Outside the office, she is a deeply civic-minded person who takes a particular interest in animal welfare, having volunteered for Sante d’Or. She is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. In 2011, she graduated from CFPB, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Financial Support Services.
Lucie’s hobbies include kickboxing, photography, and travel.

Sarah Hoston – Co-Founder/ Social Media Specialist

Sarah Hoston is the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of The French Keys marketing agency. Prior to relocating to Los Angeles four years ago, she lived in France. There, she worked as a tour manager. In addition to her role at The French Keys, she holds a position in the music industry working with Universal, and she previously owned her own management and production company. She is best known today for her work in event production, having served at No Jealousy and Bagatelle for more than two years.
A social media marketing specialist, Sarah is widely recognized for her ability to locate and build up audiences for brands and entertainment acts alike. She is a business manager for artists, overseeing all operational aspects for the acts with which she is involved.
She is a very involve against animal cruelty, and step forward in her anti fur position. Her stance again the murder of animal for the sake of women’s fashion is an indication of Sarah’s kind and considerate heart.
Sarah is fluent in French and English. She earned her Bachelor in Communication and Media Studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle, graduating in 2009.


Harpreet Johal – Co-founder / Sales manager

Harpreet has been working in customer relation since she can remember. Working with her father at a young age, she became manager of a sprint store shortly after starting to work there. Her understanding of the clients and their need is making her one of the best sales person and customer relation partner.

She is always right on knowing what product and service will suit best the clients, without trying to oversell or offer useless products.
She earned a  Bachelor in Psychology in 2016. On her free time, Harpreet likes to read, play video games and travel.


Jeremy Decoste – Co-founder / Designer

Jeremy has been designing logo and flyers since 2008. With his modern vision, he always creates the best possible look for a brand or products. He is always listening first to the client, then analyzed the product or service and come up with the different concept, that represents it the most. Jeremy studied art and music in France.


Ana Sabo – Writer 

Ana Sabo is a freelance writer,  translator, and proofreader. She has over two years of professional experience; she has translated over nine fiction and nonfiction books into Croatian language, proofread various general, literary, technical, and academic texts, and written numerous articles and blog posts. She is passionate about knowledge and is always learning something new. When she’s not working, she likes to volunteer at local animal shelters, and help young learners with second language acquisition. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek, Croatia, earning a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature and Croatian Language and Literature. Ana’s hobbies include music, hiking, and travel.


Bridney Reese
 – Account Manager