In order for a plan to come together there needs to be a plan.

Social Media, Marketing, SEO and Advertising do not exist in a bubble.  Without a cogent brand message, secondary and follow up marketing to your customers they will disappear just as quickly as they appear. The same is true of social media experts or just plan their own advertising. Its not about getting the date its about building a relationship.

At The French Keys we create a narrative for your brand and bring together the elements of SEO, Social Media marketing and adverting to envelop your customers into your world. This an achieved with passive messaging, relevant current events, market leader influence and finally call to action. Your company becomes not a destination but a part of their world.

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Content creation

The absolute necessity when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.Because search engines and website visitors look for up-to-date answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, we view the content on your website as a customer’s journey through your sales funnel. Your strategic content development plan will drive the creation and optimization of content that keeps search engines and people on your site longer and keeps them coming back for more, which increase the chance of a conversion.


Whether you’re a Small Business on Main Street or a Large Enterprise on Wall Street, The French Keys has a solution to grow your company. Bring Your Website to Page 1 of Google for Local Searches.  Google continuously updates their algorithm to decide where your site should rank, so you must be agile with your SEO and not rely on how things used to work. We help by doing all the hard work and analyzing every Google SEO update, working continuously with you to maximize your website SEO rankings so you don’t lose visitors and business. You need to work with us for a sustainable long term SEO strategy.

Email Marketing

AT the French Keys we create for you a good email marketing by creating highly engaging emails. Every businesses need newsletter to keep clients and prospect engage and interested in your brand. Most importantly, a good email marketing ensures that your emails do not end up in the spam folder.

Logo Creation

A logo is the face for your brand identity. Let us design it for you. It will be thought from A to Z, catchy and representing your brand in the best way possible.

Web Design 

A successful SEO campaign begins with a good foundation. We can custom build a responsive mobile-friendly site to your exact specifications and needs.  Designing and developing for numerous screen sizes and devices takes precision, which is why our hand-crafted, innovative online solutions are second to none.

Strategy and Planning

Strategy & planning is everything. The needs of digital consumers are not the same today as they were yesterday. We have the experience and knowledge needed to create a smart strategy for your business to solve your digital problems.


PPC, Pay-Per-Click, SEM, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads…. There are many of them, but only one right way to do it. At The French Keys, we’ve developed a proven process of managing our client’s accounts. Whether you’re looking to increase visitors to your site, or grow online sales, The French Keys can help. Through our experience with companies ranging from big corporations to exciting new start ups, we know what it takes to bring you the results you’re dreaming of.