HER (healthy.energy.revitalizer) is a pink lemonade flavored energy drink developed in 2005.
Her also uses sampling programs at points of interest where their ideal customer may be found. Places where her has been previously sampled include: Runyon Canyon, farmers’ markets, colleges, local schools, and health/beauty boutiques. Her frequently works with college sororities by donating lemonade stands (her is pink lemonade flavored) where members sell cans of her in order to raise money for their chosen charities. Her is the only energy drink to have partnered with M.A.D.D. and regularly goes into schools to warn students against the dangers of drinking and driving.
Her often plays on its name when marketing the active lifestyle beverage. For example, in early 2011 her working in conjunction with Nuggets markets launched campaign that gave people a chance to win a 50 cc “Scoot-her”. The opportunity to win a “Scoot-her” proved a big success for sales in the retail locations. They also launched a ROCK WITH HER campaign which helped promote local singer/songwriters.